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Bacco Amarone della Valpolicella Classico

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Contorno Dettaglio
Bacchus embodies humankind’s love of wine, nature and grapes. This sumptuous masterpiece of Italian oenology is a reflection of the superb quality of Leonardo’s work. The grapes are picked exclusively by hand in 5.5 kg crates, selecting the best and loosest bunches, starting from mid-September to the first week of October. The grapes are left to dry in a temperature-controlled fruit warehouse with air circulation for at least 90 days. Crushing and controlled temperature fermentation take place at no more than 25°C from mid-December with skin maceration for 20-25 days while malolactic fermentation is performed at the same time. The concentration achieved during drying and fermentation management allow the wine to reach 15-16% alcohol, with significant contents of anthocyans and polyphenols that allow a long maturation in steel containers, at least 18 months in barrels and French and Slavonian oak barriques, and finally another 6-8 months of bottle-ageing before the wine is released on the market. A unique territory, native varieties and oenological expertise allow to obtain a bottled product that can age more than ten years.

A bright and intense crimson colour with very subtle amber shades.


A round, harmonious and full-bodied wine, warm but well-balanced, despite its high alcohol content.


Ethereal, intense and lingering aromas on the nose, with prominent ripe cherry and plum hints, which are perfectly harmonised with notes of vanilla, chocolate, spices and coffee, due to wood-ageing and bottle maturation.