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Chianti Riserva

Chianti Riserva

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Chianti Riserva-Chianti Riserva
An exclusive experience.

Many speak of quality, but few really search for it. In our case, we will leave our wine to speak for us: we will let sensations do the talking. This Chianti Riserva was created precisely for this reason: to give those that taste it an exclusive experience, with a full flavour that leaves its mark on your memory, just like the Vitruvian Man on the label.

Chianti DOCG Riserva

Alcohol content

Area of production
The hills of Vinci and the surrounding towns

Wine type
85% Sangiovese, 10% Merlot, 5% other red grapes

Awards and Recognitions
2020 Mundus Vini, Best of show, Chianti Riserva Gold Medal Berliner Wine Trophy Gold Medal

Bottled history:

How it is made

After harvesting, the grapes are vinified, and the fermentation takes place in steel vats for 12-14 days, at a controlled temperature of 28-29°C. Frequent pumping over facilitates the transfer of colours and polyphenols. The wine is aged in 225-500l French oak barrels for ten months.

Vintage 2018

The fermentation takes place in steel vats for 12-14 days, at a controlled temperature of 28-29°C.

The wine is aged in French oak barrels for ten months.

From the 20th September to the 10th October.

Average altitude of the vineyards
From 40 to 130m MSL.

Terrain type
Shell-rich Pliocene alluvial deposits

Training system
Primarily Guyot, but also spurred cordon, and for the oldest vineyards, Tuscan bow

Awards and Recognitions
Chianti Riserva-Chianti Riserva Chianti Riserva-Chianti Riserva

Taste the creativity:

In the glass it shows a purple red color, with good clarity.

Serving temperature
18 °C

Aromas of spices
Aromas of ripe fruit such as cherry and currants emerge first, enriched by the subtle spice of vanilla and cinnamon.

Pairs well with
Pasta dishes with meat-based sauces, grilled meat (BBQ).

Main aromas
Upon tasting, it reveals a full structure, with soft sensations that unite perfectly with silky tannins and a balanced level of acidity. An enjoyable finale, with a long-lasting flavour.