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Duomo di Faenza - Trebbiano Romagna

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Contorno Dettaglio
A modern interpretation of Trebbiano: fragrant, floral notes and a softness emblematic of the white flag of Romagna. Trebbiano grapes are picked by both hand and mechanically, starting from the second half of September. Wine-making starts with soft crushing followed by fermentation at controlled temperature. This allows the development of slightly fruity and floral aromas that are distinctive of the grape variety while maintaining its typical fresh note. Ageing prior to bottling takes place in temperature-controlled stainless-steel tanks.

In the glass it shows a very pale-yellow color that verges on straw-yellow.


On the nose, fruity aromas reminiscent of apple and apricot blend with a floral bouquet.


Its well-balanced acidity and typical sapidity enhance freshness on the palate.