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Rocca di Cesena - Sangiovese Superiore Riserva

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Contorno Dettaglio
The quality of Sangiovese from the Romagna region is truly exceptional: rich and soft aromas are a reflection of the beauty of both the natural environment and of the farmers who Leonardo so admired during his visit of 1502. Sangiovese grapes used for Riserva wines are picked by hand in the second half of September, after a careful quality check. Wine-making starts with soft pressing followed by temperature-controlled fermentation on the skins at 25-30°C. Pumping-over and punching-down are performed to extract color and allow aromatic components to develop. Later on, racking is carried out to separate the skins from the must. Malolactic fermentation is performed to make wine rounder and smoother on the palate, after which one part of the wine is aged in wood and the other in stainless-steel tanks for at least two years.

Intense ruby red in color verging on garnet.


On the nose, fruity hints of cherry and blackberry are perceived at first, followed by toasted and spicy notes on the finish.


Its well-balanced acidity, combined with tannins made supple through the ripeness of the grapes and the ageing process, contributes to a lingering and rich palate during tasting.