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Sangiovese Romagna

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Contorno Dettaglio
Sangiovese grapes are picked both by hand and mechanically in the period ranging from mid-September to the first week of October. Wine-making starts with soft pressing followed by temperature-controlled fermentation on the skins at 25-30°C. Punching-over and punching-down are performed to extract color and allow aromatic components to develop. Later on, racking is carried out to separate the skins from the must. Malolactic fermentation is performed to make wine smoother and rounder on the palate, followed by ageing in stainless-steel tanks and bottling.

It shows a typical ruby red color with a deep texture and a slightly purplish hue.


Good freshness on the palate in balance with smooth tannins and a full-flavor profile leading to a pleasant and fruity finish.


Intense on the nose, with fruity notes recalling red cherries, blended with distinctive hints of violet.