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Selezione Estate in Romagna

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Contorno Dettaglio
It is the summer of 1502, when Cesare Borgia finds himself having to defend and fortify his possessions in the new state of Romagna. For this reason, he calls the best engineer and architect known at the time: Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo leaves for his visit and the stay in Romagna accompanied by the small pocket notebook, today cataloged as the Codex of France Manuscript L, on which he notes, as a curious traveler, step by step, sketches, ideas, inventions and considerations on Romagna.

The Estate in Romagna selection is a tribute to this period of genius, but also to the symbolic season of this land. Fresh and fragrant wines, perfect for a late afternoon aperitivo as well as for lunch or dinner. Make an ideal trip to Romagna in the company of Leonardo; a special tour in the cities visited by the Genius, which touches places full of beauty: those captured by Leonardo in the drawings made at each stage of his journey and shown on the labels.