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Selezione Leonardo Estate

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Contorno Dettaglio

Leonardo is the greatest Genius of all time and all of his research has a specific purpose: to improve the knowledge and quality of life of man. Leonardo was a painter, inventor, scientist and also a Genius of wine. Among his studies there is also what, centuries later, would have been called "oenology".

Leonardo's passion for this matter began in the Vinci countryside, among the hills and rows owned by his family, the same that today surround the Villa da Vinci.

The Leonardo Estate Selection collects ideal white wines for the summer season and for occasions of conviviality. From Streda, a Tuscan Vermentino and a cru of Villa da Vinci, and the Mappa di Imola, a fresh and lively Pignoletto sparkling wine, to the Dama con Ermellino, a fresh and fruity Pinot Grigio which is among the most popular white wines in Italy and abroad.