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Leonardo Winelover Selection

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Contorno Dettaglio
Leonardo has an agricultural soul. Born in a village in Tuscany, he was a careful observer of the countryside and his life and works were pervaded by a deep love for nature. During his trip to Romagna in the summer of 1502, Leonardo was struck by the beauty of the landscapes, the quality of the grapes and the wines, but also by the ingenuity of the winemakers and their method of hanging the grapes to make them dry. Leonardo opened his notebook and drew two bunches of Romagna grapes with the inscription: "Uve Portate a Cesena"(grapes brought to Cesena). It is thanks to the imagination of the Romagna grape growers that we have this drawing by Leonardo passed down to us that portrays the fruit of the grapevine, in which we sense Leonardo's passion for wine.

Leonardo was a wine lover. The hills of Vinci influenced Leonardo's life and painting technique in his rural landscapes. Leonardo walked through the vineyards, breathed the scents of the countryside and developed his passion for viticulture. The Leonardo Winelover Selection is made up of three bottles that express beauty, nature and unflinching curiosity; each one expresses his love for wine through a different story.