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Tuscany Selection

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Contorno Dettaglio
Leonardo is the universal symbol of the Renaissance, a cultural movement of renewal and splendor that originated in Florence and Tuscany and then spread throughout Europe. The Renaissance is perfectly represented by the Vitruvian Man, Leonardo's most famous drawing which depicts the perfect union of art and science, and places man at the center as a measure of all things. The Vitruvian Man embodies Leonardo's power and contemporaneity, his timeless Genius being projected into the future.

The Tuscany Selection embodies Leonardo's Renaissance spirit with three bottles characterized by the design by the Vitruvian Man on the label. The selection is also dedicated to Tuscan winemaking, to celebrate the origins of the Genius and the panoramas that developed his imagination, which Leonardo immortalized in his backgrounds. The wines of the Tuscany Selection represent tradition with the Chianti, one of the most famous and loved wines in the world. The Governo all’uso Toscano recounts the ancient link of this land with its peasant roots, and the Vermentino expresses well how much this fertile viticultural territory knows how to host vines and interpret them in their best version.