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Vermentino Toscana Wine

IGT Toscana

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Vermentino Toscana Wine - IGT Toscana
Fragrant aroma.

A Vermentino cultivated with love in inland Tuscany - a unique terroir rich in minerals, thanks to the presence of marine sediments from the Pliocene era, which give the wine freshness and aromatic complexity.

Vermentino Toscana IGT

Alcohol content

Area of production
The Vinci vineyards and surrounding towns

Vermentino 100%

Bottled history:

How it is made

The ripe grapes are picked by hand and vinified "white-style" with crushing and soft pressing, using a technique called semi-reduction (an absence of oxygen, or a very low oxygen content). The clarity of the must is obtained through static cold settling for 24 hours. The fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature of 16-18°C, with the help of cold technology, in order to maintain all the aromatic fragrance of this variety. The wine is aged until January/February in temperature-controlled containers.

White wine vinification with crushing and soft pressing, and temperature-controlled fermentation at 16-18°C.

In stainless steel vats

8th-15th September

Average altitude of the vineyards
From 40 to 130m MSL.

Terrain type
Shell-rich Pliocene alluvial deposits

Training system

Taste the creativity:

Straw yellow color.

Serving temperature
10-12 °C

Aromas of spices
Expansive, fragrant, balanced floral perfumes, and intense aromas. As the wine ages, a note of flint emerges.

Pairs well with
Pasta and rice dishes with light sauces, oven-cooked fish dishes and fried food.

Main aromas
This wine is rich, expansive, full-bodied, sapid and balanced on the palate.