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Sparkling wines add a fizzy touch to all the occasions and moments to remember. Leonardo Da Vinci sparkling wines represent the sparkling tradition of two native Italian grapes, Glera and Pignoletto, giving life to fresh, lively and inviting bubbles: the sparkling Pignoletto from the 1502 Da Vinci in Romagna collection, a delicate and fragrant wine, typical of the Emilia-Romagna region; Prosecco Leonardo da Vinci, which presents Leonardo's masterpiece of the Vitruvian Man on the label. Discover Leonardo Da Vinci sparkling wines, ideal for toasting with friends or to pair with everyday meals, with the right versatility.

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  1. Mappa di Imola

    Pignoletto Spumante Brut
    Joyfully fragrant.
  2. Prosecco

    Prosecco DOC Extra Dry
    Elegant freshness
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