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Villa da Vinci

The wines in the collection are created from grapes cultivated in the vineyards surrounding Villa Da Vinci, in the countryside where Da Vinci grew up and started to develop his passion for viticulture. Every label evokes a particular detail of Annunciation, a painting that was inspired by the hilly landscapes of Vinci. The names of the wines recall the original, historical name for the land owned by the Da Vinci family, with the addition of "Vin Santo", typical of Tuscan tradition.

Set Descending Direction
  1. S.to Ippolito

    Toscana Rosso
    Harmonious fusion.
  2. San Zio

    Regal elegance.
  3. Untouchable intensity.
  4. Streda

    A crystal-clear perfumes.
  5. Vin Santo

    Vin Santo Toscano
    A happy ending.
Set Descending Direction