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Leonardo da Vinci was also a wine lover. Born in a family of winemakers, wine was always a part of his life: from the observation of the vineyard rows that inspired his greatest inventions, to the possession of a vineyard in Milan given to him by Ludovico Sforza himself, also known as the Moro. Our selection of white wines, inspired by the Renaissance Genius, collects some of the best Italian native vines and expresses the peculiarities of their production territories. Fragrant, fresh and aromatic whites that perfectly accompany every moment of the day. Thanks to the organoleptic characteristics demonstrated by each wine, you can also choose the most suitable combination for your needs. Each bottle has a masterpiece by Leonardo on the label, such as the Dama con Ermellino or a detail of a handmade sketch. Prestigious labels rich in history such as the wines we offer you. Whites that are an expression of elegance, passion and tradition that go beyond time.

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  1. Streda


    From the selection of the best Vermentino grapes grown in our vineyards, a wine that reveals how this grape reaches one of the greatest varietal expressions in the territory of Vinci: a crystal-clear scent of peach and flowers that infuses the unique aroma with softness and clarity.
  2. Trebbiano Romagna

    Duomo di Faenza - Trebbiano Romagna

    A modern interpretation of Trebbiano: fragrant, floral notes and a softness emblematic of the white flag of Romagna. Trebbiano grapes are picked by both hand and mechanically, starting from the second half of September.
  3. Dama con l'ermellino

    Dama con l'Ermellino - Pinot Grigio

    The softness of touch, the Lady’s slender finger caressing the ermine’s fur. The softness of fruit, the sweetness of the perfume and the flavour of the most famous Italian white wine.
  4. Vermentino Toscana

    Vermentino Toscana

    Made of Vermentino grapes by our growers, on the nose this wine has floral and varietal elderberry-like aromas. In the mouth it is rich, tasty, with a persistent and balanced finish.
  5. Trebbiano Romagna

    Trebbiano Romagna

    With its pure aromas of fruit, spices and flower and its olfactory splendour and incredible taste, the Trebbiano of Romagna offers a subtle balance of flavours.
  6. Vernaccia di San Gimignano

    Vernaccia di San Gimignano

    This wine, bearing the name of its grape variety, comes from the area of San Gimignano, famous for viticulture since ancient times. The delicate perfume shows floral-hints and its savoury taste perfectly matches with fish and white meat dishes.
  7. Pinot Grigio delle Venezie

    Pinot Grigio delle Venezie

    With woodland and floral aromas alongside the unmistakable varietal notes of pear and melon. This is a rich, soft wine, with a very clear expression of the grape.
  8. Vin Santo

    Vin Santo

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